Lawn And Landscaping Company In The ST. Louis, MO area

Since 2006, Natural Lawn and Landscape has been offering the St. Charles and St. Louis area residential and commercial lawn care maintenance.

We take pride in the work that we do and our goal is to provide our clients with reliable, quality services at a reasonable price. Natural Lawn and Landscape offers a variety of lawn and outdoor services. We are able to provide our clients with reliable and quality lawn and landscape services for all seasons, including the expert winter services needed for those cold Missouri months. 

Our employees are well-trained professionals who know how to safely and properly use the correct lawn equipment and machinery for each job.

At Natural Lawn and Landscape we prioritize open and timely communication with all of our clients. We strive to respond quickly and appropriately to any and all lawn and landscaping inquires or needs. 

Being a lawn service company, naturally, we care about nature and the earth in which we live on. That is why we strive to make efforts to reduce pollution emissions. All of our mowers are equipped with EFI, electronic fuel injection, and engines that reduce carbon output by 25%. We also provide our clients with the option of organic fertilizing products. 

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