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Hedge and Tree Trimming | St. Charles Lawn & Landscape

Hedge and Tree Trimming


While pruning or trimming bushes, shrubs and evergreens typically improve the appearance and health of your landscape, when done incorrectly it can damage the plants. New hedges should be pruned from an early stage in order to establish a shape and prevent leggy, unhealthy growth.

A formal hedge trimming will be tapered so that it is wider at the bottom than the top, ensuring the lower part will get the sunlight it needs for healthy growth. Without maintenance, a hedge can lose its shape, and an experienced landscaper can cut the hedge by eye. If a formal hedge has gotten out of shape, cutting it back severely is oftentimes the only remedy; however, this method is not suitable for all species, like conifers.

A good rule of thumb is that formal evergreens like box or privet should be trimmed at least two, maybe three times a year during the growing season (around May to September); and fast-growing conifers like leylandii might need trimming more frequently to keep them under control (but don’t cut conifers after August).

Natural Lawn and Landscape offers several trimming and pruning services for your bushes, shrubs and evergreens.

Please call to set up evaluation of your plants.