A great hardscape improves the look and value of your property. It leads you through the landscape, adding aesthetic charm. Once you’ve decided to create a hardscape element to your landscape, the planning must be done carefully.

We offer the following hardscapes:

  • Retaining walls
  • Paver walks and patios
  • Flagstone walks and patios
  • Landscape bed border work

All work is guaranteed, and we pull all necessary permits. Call for a no-cost proposal today.

Common mistakes to avoid in hardscaping

  1. Not enough planning — Know the dimensions, outline the dimensions and visualize the project
  2. Not considering the drainage — Landscapes come in different shapes and sizes (some are flat, some are hilly) and flat hardscapes will need careful planning for the inevitable arrival of rain
  3. Improper balance — Create borders, stack elements properly, don’t be afraid of curves
  4. Interrupting your landscape — Try to keep as much grass, bushes and trees in your landscape; hardscaping is not supposed to replace landscaping but rather add elements to make your yard more attractive