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Bed Maintenance | St. Charles Lawn & Landscape

Bed Maintenance


One of the bigger difficulties of yard care is bed maintenance — when one bed looks sharp, another bed could be full of weeds. But well-handled beds enhance beauty and curb appeal when maintained correctly. It is an ongoing commitment that normally requires homeowners to get their hands a little dirty, which is why we offer bed maintenance programs to all of our customers.

Typically, this service is performed weekly by our mowing staff. The service consists of weed pulling and spraying in all landscape beds. We also offer pre-emergent, which drastically reduces the amount of weeds growing between appointments. This pre-emergent is applied in early spring and doesn’t harm your plants.

To compliment bed maintenance, customers can add crack service, which involves spraying post-emergent on all undesirable growth in concrete, patio and hardscapes. At the end of the session, your home will look neat and tidy.

Three tips for healthy bed maintenance

  1. Fertilizing — regularly fertilizing your soil with appropriate concoctions can help, especially in early spring and again in early summer
  2. Mulching — using a 2-4-inch layer of mulch protects plants by keeping the soil cool and moist and also helps the soil conserve water, prevent weed growth and resist insects
  3. Deadheading — to promote additional blooms throughout a flowering season, pinch dead flowers off annual or perennial plants; this will encourage the plant to spend energy on producing new blooms rather than going to seed and ending its life cycle