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Bed Edging | St. Charles Lawn & Landscape

Bed Edging

Bed Edging

One of the best improvements we can make for your landscape is through proper bed edging. With professional help, you can have simple, attractive borders that will keep grass from invading your landscape beds and, in some cases, eliminate the need for edge trimming. The clean transition from bed to lawn or hardscape adds greatly to your home’s curb appeal.

We cut a spade shovel edge along the landscape beds approximately 3-to-4-inches deep. This is essentially a small trench that pulls the mulch down. The separation helps to retain mulch or rock while more clearly defining the space to give a crisp, edged look.

As a result, less mulch and rock spill into your lawn, so it not only looks cleaner but it also prevents the hazard of lawn mowers and trimmers throwing rocks. Contact us today to provide this improvement for your home.

How to edge with a manual tool

  1. Get familiar with your tool, whether it is a half-moon or spade shape
  2. Use a tool with an overhanging lip in the middle of the circle, so that when the lip hits the soil, it is uniform every time
  3. Simply drive the tool into the ground as you would with a shovel, down until the lip hits soil (completely straight vertically, not an angle)
  4. Pull the handle back gently to dig soil and define your edge (be wary of any electrical wires, plumbing pipes or subterranean hazards)
  5. Shovel up any loose soil or mulch into a wheelbarrow
  6. Clean off any dirt or debris when finished, file away the edges of the tool periodically to keep them sharp